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Entry #18

This Music was Stolen

2012-01-24 09:51:05 by TommyUlysesGrant

This account was stealing music from Fox Amoore. If you enjoyed the music on this account, you can find much of it here:


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2012-01-26 00:05:32

What the fuck? How? Hasn't TommyUlysesGrant been posting stuff since 2009?

Idk if he got hacked or something, but I want to know wtf is going on.


2012-01-26 00:53:03

That's what I thought. I did the research, and I'm surprised he wasn't found out earlier. Pretty much all of his Light and Dark and several other songs were stolen from Fox Amoore. He didn't even change the name of Amoore's "- Rain -" lol. It's disappointing, man. Oh well, at least I know who to follow now! :P


2012-03-04 19:20:54

That's a shame.


2012-05-04 17:53:45

Unbelievable i made a video for a charitable organization using the song R4ain and its just been posted on youtube. Do you know the pain i have to go through now explaining that it was stolen. I am extremely disappointed.